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Parables of Today

"Here Comes The Boom"

Posted on January 7, 2013 at 7:55 PM

    Here Comes the Boom

Kevin James plays a teacher who turns to mixed martial arts (MMA) fights to try to win money to save the music program at his school.

Along the way, he forms a disparate community of friends who share one thing in common – their belief in him (much the same as the early bickering Church who were bonded by their belief in Jesus).


Inspiration comes at the dinner table (“breaking bread”) when one of the characters cites Genesis 32:24, Jacob wrestling with God, and plans their strategy.  Often in a movie, there are allusions to the Bible or scriptural quotes without attribution, but this is a rare example of a character in a mainstream movie quoting and acknowledging Scripture.

Before his biggest match, Kevin James and his advisors/supporters hold hands and pray. We can’t hear what they’re saying, but we know this is a prayer because of the way they hold themselves and they end with “amen.”

Henry Winkler's character says the kids are inspired by James’s taking to the MMA cage – and inspiring students is “what we're supposed to do as teachers.”  As Christians, we are  supposed to inspire as well, to lead others to Christ by our words and actions. Many of the early converts turned to Christianity because they were intrigued with the way Christians courageously – even joyfully – went to their deaths. It is also living out what St. Francis of Assisi said – preach the gospel to everyone you meet . . . and if necessary use words.

Here Comes The Boom is also about hopes and dreams and perseverance.  Jesus said that with patient endurance, we will save our lives. Kevin James finds the same applies to getting a date with Salma Hayek.





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